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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  May 11, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> a jury finds julius henson guilty on one of four charges. that is our big story at 6:00. he was acquitted today of the most serious charges, including that the robocall were designed to suppress the african-american vote. >> julius henson faces a year in jail and $1,000 in fines. he will be sentenced on june 13. julius henson is walking into new territory. he stands convicted of conspiring to distribute campaign material without an
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authority line. he says he is elated because the jury did not believe his robocall were designed to suppress black voters, as prosecutors charged. but the most serious charge was conspiring to keep african- american voters,. the state's own witness showed an approved that as a result of the robocall, it motivated people to go out and vote. >> the campaign of bob ehrlich paid him as a political consultant. on election day, he scribbled a robocall message on an mcdonald napkin. he said paul schurick approved it. calls went out to voters implying that the race was over, even though the polls were still open. he maintains that he did not run the show, and he was an adviser. >> i told them the correct thing to do. they refuse to do it. >> based on his reputation, the
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jury said because he knew better, he should have done the right thing. >> you have to follow the election laws. you must follow them to the letter. >> prosecutors declared their pleased by the verdict. " we thought it was the right thing to bring the case. it was brought -- it was right to bring the charges that we did. >> the case is not over. julius henson and his attorney want a new trial. the prosecution considers it baseless. >> the previous verdict against paul schurick and the fact that they did indicate that he was responsible for that authority line. >> julius henson says this case costing millions of lost consulting fees. he plans to donate campaign opposing the same-sex marriage. -- join the campaign opposing
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same-sex marriage. >> and howard county man is facing murder charges for the 1991 murder of his wife. he was indicted after being arrested last month. police say robert jarrett told them that his wife walked away from their homes after an argument. the remains of christine jarrett were found under floorboards inside a shed in his backyard last month. >> two suspects are on the run after police said a broad and kidnapped at least two people in baltimore county. the latest incident happened saturday. he took out a knife and forced the victim to hand over his money and to go to a nearby atm. in other similar case was reported three months ago. a warning tonight for residents in southwest baltimore. police said two men are impersonating plain clothes police officers. we're told the suspects gain the
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trust of an elderly man inside the home. as they were looking for a wanted person. they were able to get away with an undisclosed amount of money and a shotgun. >> some angry anne arundel parent said it will not give up without a fight to get a new elementary school. they say the school is old and causing health problems. " they are the parents of students that attend edgewater elementary school. it was a small, but a vocal, midday protest. a protest. say is necessary to help protect the next generation of students looking for a safe place to learn. >> it is time for them to get a new school, to get funding in
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the 2013 budget. >> the condition of the school building has affected the health of students and staff members. experts hired by the school system said there is a problem. a problem that costs money to solve. the but may stop with the county council. >> they are not looking to listen to what we have to say. >> administrators said they are not turning out parents, but they are facing a $1.5 billion backlog of buildings in need of repair. >> it is a very old building. it has difficulty with their quality. we're trying to remedy as many of those problems as we can. what's really need is a renovation. >> we are 60 years old, we need a new building. >> parent said it will continue to pressure those in charge to reach a fair decision. >> it is very frustrating. we are here to get ourselves out there. >> it will not be the last time.
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the county council is holding a budget hearing on monday. parents say they will be in the crowd. >> president obama and mitt romney headed to a key battleground states today. both moved past the issue of gay marriage and refocused on the economy. >> a new poll shows americans are growing more pessimistic about the economy. that was once again the main topic on the campaign trail. the president met with party it homeowners in reno. >> couple of folks who can refinance right now -- a pool of folks who can refinance rainout is still too small. >> -- refinance right now is still too small. they can make everybody eligible to refinance their payments if they are doing the
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right things. >> mitt romney hammered the president's economic policies. >> by his own measures, his policies have not worked. >> he accused the president of dividing americans. >> to watch the president engage in this divisiveness, we have been successful as a people because we come together. >> eager to shift the conversation, mitt romney is still facing questions about his stand on gay marriage and reports that he believed a classmate in high school. >> -- that he believed a gay classmates in high school. the allegations will likely not matter, election day. >> the majority of voters were not alive in 1965. mitt romney will deliver an address at liberty university on
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saturday. the president has a fund-raiser in new york on monday. >> a national poll shows the race is in a dead heat at this point. >> propane is a less expensive fuel and more environmentally friendly. it is reported that the tanks are safer than gas tanks. it hopes that companies and individuals will use propane. >> we are proud to show our commitment to clean air in baltimore city. we were the first ones to have hybrid vehicles. propane costs less than gasoline. they also get more miles per gallon. >> the mayor was the first person to take a ride in the propane taxi.
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they currently operate in 28 countries. the countdown to the preakness continues. >> we will hear from the man in charge of the job. >> as the orioles get set for the first-place showdown with tampa bay, a surprise star appearance in center field. you will know this guy. >> we have some great weather in the forecast going into mother's day weekend.
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>> it seems like a handful of teams and fans are acting like knuckleheads. you may remember several incidents when fans ran onto the field. one was even tackled at home plate by an umpire. officials are stepping up security measures in the hopes of stopping these situations from happening. what is going on? >> in the tv business, we are used to dealing with situations like this. for instance, when fans -- when folks jump around in the back of our live shot and hacked foolish. -- enact foolish. everybody loves a clown, last year, situations like this, fans running on to the field at camden yards were probably more entertaining than the game itself given the orioles record at the time.
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ko'd to this year and the orioles are winning and -- cut to this year and the orioles are winning and fans are still daring enough to run onto the field, as was the case on opening day. >> it may seem like a harmless stunt, but it is a security risk. >> the director of ballpark operations at camden yards is not amused. >> the players are working, this is their work place. anybody who would be a disruption like that is not welcome. >> in response to the fiascos this year, the orioles have hired a private security company to assist police. if someone does run onto the field, they will be able to surround the person and police can catch them. >> without going into great
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detail about what will happen, we will do our best to minimize their time on the field. give a very prompt response. >> that means that once a fan is caught, not only will they be banned for life, the orioles have now taken a stance with the state's attorney's office that violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. >> it is a crime. it is a disruption. it is a significant security risk. cops running out onto the field will cost to you. -- >> are running out onto the field will cost you. it can get you almost a year in jail and fined up to $2,000. >> they are not quite to do that anymore. the preakness is eight days away and everything is a go.
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the man in charge of the preakness says everything looks good. all indications are this year's preakness will be very successful. >> people come from the mid- atlantic all across the united states. even globally. they expect certain things. my staff delivers. they are the ones that make these people happy. without them, it is our super bowl. it is our super bowl every year. they are the ones that make it a successful experience. >> did you always deliver, always so nice. -- they do always deliver, always so nice. the kentucky wet -- the kentucky derby winner is already at pimlico. >> your insta-weather-plus forecast -- >> it turned out to be a pretty nice day today. the high temperature hit 72 degrees today. high-pressure in control of the weather on the east coast.
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things will stay nice and quiet. some rain in the southern plains states, and some showers around minneapolis. those two systems will combine and give us a chance for some rain at the beginning of next week. skies are clearing right now. clouds have dissipated. the air is dry, so the temperatures will fall pretty quickly. . 71 in columbia, 66 in parkton. if you get away from the water and the city, the temperatures will drop off to the 30's by early tomorrow morning. it will be a chilly start on saturday morning. it should turn out to be a pretty nice day. it will be a beautiful afternoon tomorrow. high temperature near 78. we will go from the four deposit to the upper 70's in the
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afternoon. -- 40's to the upper 70's in the afternoon. the water temperatures are now in the low 60's. take a look at futurecast, we will start tomorrow night. dry.r's day, by the time we get into the evening hours, shower activity off to our west. there is a chance, there could be a little bit of rain. most of the day will be just fine. beautiful tonight -- beautiful tomorrow, around 80 on sunday. the best chance for rain will be monday, tuesday, and wednesday of next week. it will cool off. >> this is 11 sports. >> we are with you tonight from camden yards.
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the orioles and the rays come into this three-game set with the identical records, 20 and 12. the orioles are looking to take that advantage of a great start and prove that it was not a flash in the pan. especially coming off of a difficult series with texas rangers. they did have a remarkable start to the double header yesterday. the orioles took the first of two. the manager has seen an awful lot and the last few weeks. a tough series with texas. and now a first-place showdown with the tampa bay rays. >> i spend a lot of time looking at the roster and things we will do and keep them from doing. as far as -- it is early in the
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season, and it is a given what tampa is going to do over the course of the long haul. i am more interested in keeping us involved in this thing. >> we will be ready for those guys. >> you always expect to see a lot of action in center field. you do not expect to see like we did today. during pregame warmups. ed reid showed off his skills. watch the move coming up. classic center field-safety skills. he turned right, looks over his shoulder. he has a future if they decide to trade football for baseball. he did it a little bit of fatigue in the batting cage. -- get a little bit to fatigue
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in the batting cage. >> i took 40 or 50, back-to- back. i got on base more than half the time. >> good to see him smiling. the ravens open up their rookie camp today. preakness is a week from tomorrow and we will not see a one-to-3 repeat of the kentucky derby. -- 1, 2, 3 repeat of the kentucky derby. dullahan will not iran. they want to give them a little bit more rest. it looks like it will be -- pointing to next saturday's 137th running of the preakness stakes. we can only hope we have weather like that.
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>> police said two men are in pursing police officers and the
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city and one elderly man has already fallen victim to their scheme. another former officer faces the music for his part in a kickback scandal. we'll have these stories and more at 11:00.
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>> we have a perfect forecast for the rest of the year. >> sunday and 75 all the way through december. >> it will be a great day
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tomorrow. 784 a high temperature, a great start for mother's day weekend -- 78 for a high-temperature, a great start for mother's day weekend. it will close a little bit and below 70's. a beautiful forecast. >> if we could have a forecast like that for preakness. that would be heaven. >> how are we doing in the rain category? >> we are still three or 4 inches behind. i would not say that any place is hurting for rain right now. >> ok. sounds good. >> thank you for joining us, everybody. >> we will see you back here tonight at 11:00.
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